Marching Band hosted Annual Light Show

The Marching Band performs during the 15th annual Light Show. The Light Show is almost completely student run. “The Light Show is almost totally in the hands of the kids. They’re in charge of ordering the lights, deciding what they want, how many light sticks they want, they pretty much add them into their instruments,” band director, Penny Snead said

With powder flying off the drums, senior Matt Springston performs in front of the student section after the light show. Powder has not been used by the NW Marching Cougar Pride in the past. “My favorite part was definitely , you feel full of energy and everyone has a good time,” Springston said. “No one knew so I felt like it was a cool surprise”

Sophomore Claire Lammers performs during the light show on Oct. 25 to “Cool” from West Side Story. The drill team alone ordered about 100 glow sticks to use for the show.

Seniors Zoe Ziegenhorn, Conan Brenan, and Matt Springston perform in the annual NW light show at North Stadium on Oct. 25. Ziegenhorn and Springston secretly orchestrated a plan to use baby powder on the drums, creating the smoky effect seen by fans. “ was really intense. I’m a little but sad but then at the same time really relieved” Brenan said.


The light show was Oct. 27 at SM North Stadium. It featured the entire NW band and was performed on the football field after the football game. The light show is performed every year on the last home football game on the season.

Band members prepare for the light show by putting on dark clothing and many glow sticks of various colors. These colors include: blue, green, pink, purple, yellow, and orange. The band members always look forward to performing the light show. The band used more than 5000 glow sticks for the show.

“The light show is one of the best parts of the entire season,” drum major Carter Oberheu said. “It brings together the band so well, and it allows the band to show people that the long and early hours paid off.”

 By: Lena Dennington