Chicago Bears Player Fined

During October, many National Football League (NFL) players wore pink shoes, gloves, or wristbands to support breast cancer awareness for the Susan G. Komen organization. Chicago bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall was fined $10,500 by the NFL for wearing green shoes during the Oct. 10 game against the New York Giants. The bears dominant team footwear color is white, Marshall, being in violation of this, was fined.

Marshall wore green shoes in support mental health awareness week and his own foundation for mental health. Because of his decision to wear green shoes instead of pink, Marshall received backlash from the media. The NFL went as far as to charge Marshall for not supporting what the NFL was.

Nonetheless, Marshall has chosen not to take the fine as a punishment. According to, Marshall promises to match any fine given by the NFL and donate it to his charity. What’s more, he plans to auction off his green shoes and donate the proceeds to his charity as well.

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