Government Shutdown Over

The United States’ government shutdown Oct. 1 because of issues with the federal budget and underlying issues with Obamacare. Sixteen days later, the government solved their issues. However, according to, if the issue was not solved by Oct. 17, the Department of Treasury was in for a “default on its debt”. This default could have caused the government to lose funds from other countries because the US wouldn’t be able to pay back their loans. So, it was inevitable that Congress would have to come to a conclusion before then.
And they did. Congress reached a decision Oct. 16 and the issue of the debt of the United States has been forestalled. The bill proposed the debt limit enforcement be moved back to Feb. 7. However, the bill only funds federal agencies through Jan. 15. The bill passed the Senate 81 to 18, and then passed the House of Representatives, 285 to 144.
“The government was just acting like a bunch of five-year olds,” history teacher Matt Wolfe said. “They were only looking after themselves, instead of looking after us.”
As a result of the government shutdown, over 800,000 employees were sent home and $200 million a day lost.
President Obama urges that the two parties try to improve relations because “there was no winners in ”.