Community Blood Center to run Fall Blood Drive

The Community Blood Center will arrive Nov. 5 for the semi-annual blood drive, which will take place at Gym 2 throughout the school day. Students can sign up outside the cafeteria and all the English classrooms. The center collected a total of 328 pints of blood from both drives last year.

“I think 20 percent of blood donated to the Community Blood Center is from high schools,” blood drive co-chairman Tom Green said. “Blood can help save hundreds of lives in the Kansas City area, and it can help the local people. It’s an easy way to help your community and, for the most part, not many will feel any of the effects. At the most, you will pass out, but you will be walking out the door smiling.”


17 or older

Must weigh 115 pounds or more

Must meet all the health requirements on the day of the blood drive

photo by Monica Castellon
Senior Nick Carlson donated blood during the 2013 Spring Blood Drive.


SMNW Spring 2013 Goal: 170 Units of Blood

Registered: 196 Registered Potential Donors

Deferrals: 42 (21% – deferrals are registered donors but unable to donate due to sickness, low iron, etc.)

Incomplete Draws: 18 (unable to donate a full pint of blood)

First Time Donors: 67

ALYX Procedures: 10 (equals 20 pints)

Total Spring Donations: 146 Units of Blood