Fall’s New TV Shows

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

Rate: 2 ½ out of 5

Once Upon a time In Wonderland is a spinoff of Once Upon of Time. Once Upon a Time debuted #1 in its time slot with 5.7 million viewers. Alice in Wonderland was always one of my favorite stories as a child. Once Upon a Time in Wonderland wasn’t quite what I expected. It’s a romance story about Alice falling for a genie and going into Wonderland to save him along with the Knave of Hearts and White Rabbit. Overall, it’s a unique plot, beginning with Alice in her world, stuck in an insane asylum. The Knave of Hearts eventually rescued her and ventured into wonderland, to save Alice’s lover.

Personally, I couldn’t get into the original Once Upon a Time. I never really like the kinds of shows that were spinoffs of fairy tales; they just seemed so odd to me. So, I was concerned I would dislike it. I found that I couldn’t fully enjoy this one either. The animation was poor, the story far too predictable and the actors mediocre. It also irritated me that Alice in Wonderland appeared to have mixed with Aladdin, since there was an appearance of Jafar. It might take a few more episodes to find it likeable.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland airs 7 p.m. thursday on ABC.

 The Tomorrow People

Rating: 5/5

Arrow (2012) is one of my favorite TV shows, so I was excited when the creator introduced his new series The Tomorrow People, which aired Oct. 9. It is the third iteration of a series first produced in 1973 and then 1992. The plot focuses on a boy named Steven Jameson who wakes up in unexpected places and blames it on sleepwalking at first. He discovers he’s part of a race with special powers, including telekinesis, telepathy and teleportation. The concept of the show is interesting; but the first 10 minutes were boring until the main character discovered his powers.

As the story progressed, it pulled me into the plot. And, after an hour of uncertainty, a surprise ending was a nice twist.

My issue with The Tomorrow People is that after the first 10 minutes, it moves too rapidly, jumping directly into the discovery of his powers. In addition, Jameson is presented as being too ignorant and stubborn. His attempt at being funny is a complete failure. I was disappointed in the series. I expected more than I got.

The Tomorrow People airs 8 p.m. Wednesdays on The CW.

Sleepy Hollow

Rating: 5/5

I was excited when I heard about Sleepy Hollow because I was expecting a plot that mixes fairy tales and real world stories to create something similar to Once Upon a Time and Grimm. That doesn’t describe Sleepy Hollow, which is about Ichabod Crane, a man who comes to life after being buried in a cave for almost 250 years along with “The Headless Horseman.” Abbie Mills is a police officer who witnesses the decapitation of her co-worker, Sheriff August Corbin, by the horseman. She questions Crane after he reveals that he knows something about the horseman. Mills and Crane eventually work together to stop him.

I found myself pleasantly surprised by Sleepy Hollow. It had elements of magic and the supernatural mixed with an apocalyptic sense of urgency. It’s extremely enticing to those who enjoy shows like Supernatural or Grimm. But, it begs the question: What will the writers do with it? Overall, this is definitely on my list of favorite television shows.

Sleepy Hollow airs 8 p.m. Mondays on Fox.


Arrow Season 2

Rating: 3/5

I had been anticipating the second season of Arrow (2012) after the season one finale shocked me. I liked the first season, especially the concept of a Robin Hood mixed with a modern day Assassin’s Creed figure. So far, the first season is definitely better.

In the first 20 minutes, I knew the Hood would be making an appearance, with disgruntled and displaced citizens impersonating the hero and causing havoc, even stealing the quote, “You failed this city.” I was disappointed to find that the new villains were put down as quickly as they came up, but I’m willing to continue watching to see if this season improves. The best thing about the second season? More information about the hero’s motivation and how he came to be as well as the introduction of a new, mysterious hero.

Arrow airs 7 p.m. Wednesdays on The CW.