Ben Rector

Behind The Walking In Between

Album: The Walking In Between

Release Date: Aug. 20, 2013

Rating: 5/5

Ben Rector’s new album showcases his previous soft tone, with an addition of some new modern pop folk


Following a long seven years opening for bands and singers such as Needtobreathe and Colbie Caillat, Ben Rector is finally headlining a tour of his own.

Although Something Like This peaked at No. 4 on iTunes overall chart, Rector has already succeeded at grabbing the attention of even more people with his latest, The Walking In Between.

Whether you’re looking to dance with your friends, roll down your car windows and jam or you want a heartfelt ballad, Rector has a song for you.

Being an autobiographical album, Rector reflects his happy life. Being incredibly in love with his wife, Rector hopes The Walking In Between will inspire and connect with many. As Rector wrote in his blog, “I hope you enjoy the record and that in some small way it becomes a part of your life.”

Personalizing the album, Rector had individual hopes for each song, “I hope that you’ve loved someone long enough for “I Like You” to make sense and make you smile, and if you haven’t, I hope you just think it’s catchy.” He hoped that “Beautiful” would be blared on replay and that you dance under beautiful lights while listening to “Forever Like That”.

The Walking In Between is what one might expect from Rector, replete with the standard acoustic guitar, mellow bass and muted drums, but shifts throughout to foot-tapping, hand-clapping songs that feel like summer. The album shows Rector as a maturing musician moving toward mainstream recognition and away from alt-folk.

Rector will be in Kansas City, Mo., at the Uptown Theater on Nov. 2, with special guest Tyrone Wells.

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