Influential Seniors: Anna Kiene

Influential Seniors: Anna Kiene


Anna Kiene

Next year’s plan: Attending University of Arkansas to study Elementary Education

Career plans: Elementary School Teacher

NW Activities include: Club 121, Student Council

What made you want to pursue Elementary Education in college?

I really love kids, I have a passion for kids. And my mom is a teacher, and all of the blood-line ladies on my mom’s side are elementary teachers. That’s not why I chose it, but I thought it was cool, and I just love kids and seeing them learn.

What is the activity that best describes you?

My favorite activity at school would be StuCo because it’s really fun and involved in everything. But outside of school, I would say my youth group because they have really influenced me in a lot of ways. I love my youth group.

How does your faith influence your life?

I think my faith is honestly the biggest part of my life right now and it’s influenced me in the way of a lot of the decisions I make and the scenarios I put myself in. Also, just the way that I treat people. The Lord has given me his love so that I can love other people. I just have a really big passion for hanging out and loving other people and just encouraging people. I think the Lord has just shown me how great he is throughout high school; I’ve learned so much about him and how great he is.

What is the most important lesson you have learned in high school?

Don’t let yourself be defined by what others think of you because it’s not worth it. And don’t waste all of your time trying to please others because it’s just going to end up hurting you. And don’t regret anything that you do.

If you could go back and re-do high school, what is something that you would have done differently?

I think I would take a foreign language. I mean, I took Spanish, but I think everyone is like, ‘Oh, Spanish is the easiest language, I’m going to take it.’ And also, I think I would have taken photography or art classes. I really wish I could draw. I’m literally the most unartistic person in the world.

You were named one of the top most influential seniors in the school. Who influences you?

I would say Gibbens. He has influenced me in the way that, his teaching style, I love it. He’s so enthusiastic, just the funnest, and makes you want to learn and that’s how I want to be when I’m a teacher.

What were some of your goals as a freshman? Did you accomplish them?

I’m pretty sure I made the goal freshman year to get all straight A’s, and obviously that did not happen. I think I made the goal to just be involved. I was really shy freshman year because obviously as a freshman you’re kind of insecure and intimidated, so I think that I definitely did get involved in stuff. I didn’t get straight A’s, so that’s kind of disappointing, but whatever.

What kind of person do you want your classmates to remember you as?

The person that wasn’t judgmental towards anyone but just really accepted them for who they are and loved them; and just as the person who represents Jesus and God in everything that I do. Also, just someone that people aren’t afraid to come up to and talk to and not intimidating or anything.