DIY Christmas Ornaments

DIY Christmas Ornaments

Snow-Covered Wreath:


Supplies Needed:

An old wreath
One large can of white spray paint
Large white or clear sparkles
Ribbon to wrap around wreath


How To:

1.) Lay old wreath on newspaper or cardboard

2.) Spary paint entire wreath

3.) Pour a generous amount of sparkles on wreath evenly

4.) Spray once again evenly

5.) Allow to dry until paint is no longer wet

6.) Shake excess glitter off wreath

7.) Tie ribbon around wreath and display indoors

Sparkly Ornaments:


Supplies Needed:

Clear glass ornaments
Glitter-It brand glue, or floor wax
Fine glitter of any color


How To:

1.) Wash out clear glass ornaments with a water and vinegar solution

2.) Let ornament dry

3.) Take top off ornament

4.) Pour a small amount of Glitter-It or floor wax into the ornament

5.) Put finger over opening and shake well to coat the inside

6.) Poor excess back into original bottle

7.) Sprinkle a generous amount of fine glitter into the ornament

8.) Repeat step 5 with glitter

9.) Let dry and replace the top

Sock Snowman


Supplies Needed:

A tube sock
3 rubber bands
A box of rice
A black permanent marker
A small piece of orange construction paper
3 buttons
Craft glue


How To:

1.) Fill the bottom portion of the tube sock with rice to make the first part of the snowman

2.) Tie a rubber band around the filled portion of the tube sock

3.) Repeat step one, using less rice to make the mid-section of the snowman and tie another rubber band around the filled portion

4.) Fill the top portion of the sock with less rice than the mid-section to make tge head of the snowman and tie a rubber band around the top, make sure to leave two inches of the sock after the last rubber band

5.) Fold the top section of the sock.over on itself to make the snowman’s hat

6.) Draw two eyes and a smile with the black sharpie to make the snowman’s face

7.) Cut a small triangle out of the orange construction paper to make a nose for the snowman

8.) Lastly, glue the three buttons on the snow man, one on the mid-section and two on the bottom-section