Before the World Ends… Video Game Edition


Only days away from total obliteration, the only thing you should be spending time on is playing video games. So I’ve saved the best for last: the video game edition. These five games are the best of the best, and a must-play before the apocalypse. 

Fallout 3
This game boasts the biggest and most interesting world in a post-apocalyptic game that’s seething with atmosphere. Walking into an abandoned house for the first time remains one of the most tense moments in the entirety of gaming.

Chrono Trigger
This game is an experiment to see how much seven characters can make you cry. These seven characters spend the whole game being fleshed out in the middle of a fantastic and gripping story. It’s the gaming equivalent to filet mignon.

Persona 4
This game is arguably the best written story in any medium. The game is full of vivid characters, beautiful stories and depth of tone, and gameplay that reinforces all three. This game is not only a necessity for gamers but a necessity for anybody who wants to be truly well-rounded.

Fable 2
With a soundtrack by Russell Shaw and gameplay straight from creative director Peter Molyneux, this game is an absolute classic. It captures the atmosphere like no other game and also manages to be hilarious.

Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask
This game says more in a few words what some can’t in 9 hours of cutscenes. This is a game that cannot be rivaled in its open-endedness. It’s fodder for intense conversation among those who enjoy it.

Now that I have given you plenty of media to soak up before the world comes to an end, I guess all I have to say is, “Good luck.”