A Shorter Break

When I was in elementary school and even middle school, winter break seemed like a nice, long vacation from school. Now, in high school, it feels like we barely get any time off; it seems so unfair.

This year our winter break starts two days before Christmas eve and ends one day after New Year’s. I remember when we didn’t go back to school until Jan. 4; now the administration  are slowly changing that. The second of January feels as if it’s still too close to the holiday to be going back to school.

On the breaks in elementary school, we had a chance to go out of town and relax for almost a whole two and a half weeks off from school. Now we still have time to go out of town, but what about the relaxing part? I know that during my winter break, I am jam-packed with things that I need to accomplish, but now I feel like there is less time to get anything done.

I understand that technically we don’t even go a full day of school during finals week, but still do we have to go until Friday. To me it seems way too close to Christmas, and nobody is not going to want to sit in a classroom and take a draining, difficult final. I think that the school should find a way for us to get out of school earlier than three days before one of the happiest day of the year. Although the administration has to suffer the same as us, because they have to come to school as well.

I wonder what our break will consist of in a couple of years. Will they keep shortening our breaks? Next will they take time off of spring break, or Thanksgiving break? I feel like in the future, our breaks will gradually become shorter, and maybe in some way it is better because we will be able to learn more during the school year. Despite that, I will miss the longer breaks.

I think that the administration should change our breaks back to the old schedule, giving us back that extra two days. This year I guess I will just have to find ways to fit the same amount of holiday traditions in a smaller amount of time, and reminisce about the good old days when we had longer breaks.