Before the World Ends… Book Edition


Most of the time, when we get caught up in our busy lives, school work, family, friends and, of course, finals, there isn’t enough time to enjoy quality literature. Usually, the only books we read around this time are the ones we have to hurriedly finish before the end of the semester for English class. So, as impending doom continues to impend, we all need to take a moment and pick up one of these fantastic novels.

Catch-22 — Joseph Heller
This book has the amazing ability to make you feel attached and repulsed by the main character at the same time. It is a phenomenon of writing that makes you examine yourself, even if you feel no empathy towards Yossarian himself.

Slaughterhouse-Five — Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
Slaughterhouse-Five is a legendary science fiction novel that breaks boundaries of story progression and information release. It’s different in all the ways that make it great, and it exists to bend perception.

Last Hero — Terry Pratchett
This is one of the most influential books on anyones journey for self-actualization. This book is one of the greatest satires in english literature, lampooning everything from Harry Potter to the idea of a poetic saga.

The Phantom TollboothNorton Juster
To read this book is to experience a truly different reality. Complete transportation to a foreign and strange land is commonplace in Juster’s masterpiece. This is a book that can easily be enjoyed by anyone lucky enough to read it.

The Little PrinceAntoine de Saint-Exupéry
One of the strangest things put to paper. There is little sense made in the text and less made in conversations about it, but it sparks different ideas across the spectrum of taste in literature.