SADD 2009

SADD 2009

The first SADD meeting of the year was held on September 1, with only a meager 3 people showing up. People in attendance included President Laura Konecny, Co-President Sara Osborne and Sponsor Susan Hallstrom.

“We have had a few meeting this year but the attendance is, like, nobody,” Konecny said, “We really have been trying to get the word out about SADD.”

SADD, which stands for students against destructive decisions, meets every other Tuesday in room 206 before school at 7:10 AM.

“It is so important to have that club in our school so we can raise awareness that you are always making decisions and the effect your life so much and the people you surround yourself,” Konecny said.

SADD’s first big event this year is red ribbon week which is October 17-25. The plan to kick off red ribbon week is to start with the chain of life

“We usually set up a table in the mall during lunch and have people come and pledge to be drug free,” Konecny said, “We are working on getting orange links so we can have them passed out to seminar classes.”

SADD also plans on doing a saftey seminar this year lead by Greg Smith, Kelsey Smith’s dad.

“Whether the decisions you make are good or bad, they effect you,” Konecny said,”We really want our school to shine in the community and show that we are a smart school, in our education and in our regular lives.”