Cougars Community Commitment (CCC) 2009

Cougars Community Commitment (CCC) 2009

Cougars Community Commitment, also known as CCC, has become a very popular class at Northwest. Ron Poplau, the man who began this class back in 1992, has been a teacher at Northwest since the school opened. He was inspired to start the class just out of the kindness of his heart. A former sociology teacher, Poplau began engaging his classes in community service projects. Soon the requests became overwhelming. That was when Poplau decided to make community service an actual class.

It’s hard to believe that CCC’s first class started out with just 17 students. The class is now packed with nearly 200 students per semester. Many people have their opinions that students take the class just to skip out on school. Poplau believes otherwise.

“What alot of people don’t realize is that there is more to be learned outside of the classroom than inside.” said Poplau.

Every year Poplau chooses students to represent CCC on an Executive Board. This year the board consists of president Tyler Amble, vice president Zoe Phelps, Nick Feighner, Carly Iverson, Jenni Pinkleman, Balie Phelan, and Kent Hollingsworth. These students plan the fundraisers and events CCC will participate in for that school year.

The board has held three meetings this year and have decided on a few fundraisers so far.

September 14-18 we will be having a dollar day.

October 1 CCC will have an Italian Dinner to support Ms. Helgoth.

“CCC is a class that wont only benefit others, it makes you a better person.” said senior Carly Iverson.

The CCC Board is open to any suggestions or ideas for fundraisers. If you have any concerns or questions please call Nick Feighner at (913)-231-6050.