German Club Kickoff 2009

German Club Kickoff

The start of this school year marks the third year that the German Club has been up and running. It started off the same way it always does; noisy, energetic students pile into the German room at 7:10 on Thursday, Sept. 3. The students take their seats while the teacher, Frau Masenthin, walks in with boxes of doughnuts. All the kids immediately start yelling “FRAU!,” which is how she has become known over the years at Northwest.

She greets all the kids and discusses what they are going to attempt to accomplish. First students who want to, stand up in front of the class room and give a short blurb about voting for them for any of the various positions of President, VP, and Treasurer. After a quick, informal vote, the positions are filled. Next they tackle the club t-shirts are always a hot topic at theses meetings.

German Club is held on the first Thursday of every month and 7:10 a.m. Anyone is welcome and being able to speak German is not required.

-Andrew Zimmer