Canned Food Drive

The canned food drive, which began Monday, pits 5th hour classes against each other in a competition that will benefit the KCCB (Kansas City Christmas Bureau). A larger competition is between the five Shawnee Mission high schools. The KCCB will distribute food to a projected 13,200 people this year. The winner between both the classes is decided on a point based system. In this system, two items are worth 100 points and $1 is also worth 100 points.

“Anything you have will be greatly appreciated,” junior class president Connor Johnson said.

KCCB will use the money to buy items it is lacking. The points for specific items are double on certain days of the week. Last year, SM East won the competition while Northwest collected 10,300 cans/personal items and $3,700. The school’s goal this year is 9,000 cans/personal items and $6,000.

The canned food drive is being held in conjunction with a Spirit Week. Monday’s theme was AmeriCAN day and students dressed up in red, white and blue. Tuesday will be TouCAN day and students are encouraged to come to school in tropical wear. On TouCAN day, cans will be worth double points. Wednesday is Johnny CASH day and students are encouraged to channel their inner Johnny Cash and dress in all black. Cash will be worth double on Wednesday. Thursday is Cougar Crazy day and it should be noted that because 5th hour doesn’t meet, no cans will be collected. Friday is CANsas day and students wearing canned food drive shirts will earn 700 points for their class. The shirts will be sold in the mall during all three lunches for $5.

After the collection on Monday, Group 1’s leaders are Janine Deines, Susan Massy and Kay Kassen. Group 2’s leaders are Stacy Robins, Randi Platko and Connie Lutz. Group 3’s leaders are Debra Brewer, Van Rose and Cindy Swarner. Group 4’s leaders are Cathie Morrison, Ben Pabst and Joe Gehrer. Finally, Group 5’s leaders are Penny Snead, Ken Clow, Drew Magwire, Melissa Terryberry and the Office/Library. Altogether, the school collected 1,050 cans Monday. The drive and the competition will end on Friday.

story by Nick Leyden