Marching band performs 14th annual light show

photo by Nate Compton

Duct tape, flashlights, and neon orange glow sticks were tossed back and forth between the students of the marching band. They prepared for their 14th annual light show at the far end of the field of the SM North District Stadium on Oct. 27.

“ started one year before I came , like the drill team’s poles, the drum majors’ glasses and gloves and the pit’s flashing necklaces. Some of the sections with bigger instruments will go buy some of their own too.”

Students were encouraged to stay after the football game to watch the marching band perform their light show. After a countdown, which the crowd loudly participated in, the band began their march down the track toward the middle of the field.

Once the stadium lights were turned out, the stadium was pitch black, except, of course, for the Marching Cougar Pride, lit up by flashing lights and the bright neon liquid inside their glow sticks.  The crowd erupted in cheers until the glowing gloves on the drum majors’ hands signaled the beginning of the show.

“Marching isn’t really a problem because by the time the light show comes, we’ve run through the show so many times it’s pretty easy,” Zimmerman said. “From the field our lights light up a lot of the numbers, so we can still see where we are going.”

After their first song, the marching band turned around to light up their orange glow sticks. When they faced the crowd once more, the audience broke into cheers once again. After the show’s conclusion, the audience gave the marching band a standing ovation for all the hard work that has been put into this season by the students and their directors.

“I think the turnout was phenomenal,” Bennett said. “The light show is always the biggest turnout the most involved crowd of all the shows. It’s amazing to be out on the field, and everyone just goes wild.”