60 Seconds With A Student: Katie Daniels


Q:Favorite food?
A: Definitely either pasta or sushi.

Q: Life changing teacher?
A: Gibbens. Mr. Gibbens. He definitely was one of the teachers that believed I could do anything. Even with all the stuff I had going on. Sophomore year was one of my hardest years and he believed in everything and I could get through it.

Q:What was the craziest thing that happened to you?
A: I work at a daycare, so the kids, they all tried to help me up and they are four. Three boys pull me up and I go flying in the air and hit this bookshelf and I get a fat lip. That is the craziest thing that happened to me for sure.

Q:Most exotic place you have been to?
A: The dunes in Oklahoma the sand dunes.

Q: Honey Boo boo or Snooki?
A: Honey Boo boo for sure.