This Week’s Special Teachers

These teachers were selected by the football captains this week to wear their jerseys. The players chose these teachers as a

way of honoring them for being special people in their lives. Here’s what the players had to say about the teachers.

Todd Boren (Alex Allen #1): “Coach Boren is one of the most supportive teachers at NW. He is someone I could always talk to about anything. He’s also the coolest teacher I’ve had.”

Tina Griggs (Trevor Robinson #57): “I had Mrs. Griggs last year for U.S. History and Law this year. She always made class fun and interesting.”

Deborah Jenkins (John Jacobs #90): “I have had Mrs. Jenkins for Job Club all four years. She is cool, and we get along really well.”

Amy Walker (David Dougherty #51): “I had Mrs. Walker for IB Psych class. She always gives awesome advice no matter what the topic. She is extremely nice, and I am fortunate to be her labby this year.”