Interactive Photo: Meet Freshmen StuCo Representatives



The Student Council team is no longer missing its final members. On Aug. 30, the freshman class elected representatives.

“Picking the freshman representatives is always a good way to kick start the year,” StuCo sponsor Sarah Dent said.

The nominees each gave a two-minute speech to the freshman class in the auditorium during seminar.

“When I walking up there, I really wasn’t that nervous, but once I started my speech, I got really nervous,” freshman representative Sam Oberbroeckling said.

The candidates reported to the conference room in the library at 2:15 p.m. to hear the results before they were announced.

“While we were in the conference room in the library, it was like torture,” freshman representative Zachary Ziegenhorn said. “My heart was pounding so hard.”

When the results were revealed, the freshman representatives were to take down their posters and go to work right away.

“I would just say thanks for voting for me,” freshman representative Emiel Winkolmolen said. ”They won’t regret it.

StuCo 2012-2013 Freshmen Reps:

Katy Terry, President

Blake Allen, Vice President

Emilie Amunatigui

Erica Esch

Amelia Hoelting

Hallie Ingraham

Nathan Jones

Sam Oberbroeckling

Emiel Winkelmolen

Zachary Ziegenhorn