Fall 2012 TV Preview: Ten Shows Based on Books


Many popular movies have originated from books, like the Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings series. With fall beginning, new TV shows are airing for the first time as well. Take a look at some of the new shows and shows that are returning that are based on popular books and stories.

by Sarah Lang



Airs: September 27 at 9 PM on CBS

Based on the crime fighting styles of Sherlock Holmes, Elementary takes an 1800’s classic and turns it into a modern day story. Taking place in New York City, Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) and his faithful companion, Dr. Joan Watson (Lucy Liu), work together to solve murder mysteries occurring all over the city.


Beauty and the Beast

Airs: October 11 at 8 PM on The CW

Described as “a modern-day romantic love story with a procedural twist,” Beauty and the Beast, based on the popular fairy tale, is sure to be a hit this fall. When police officer Cat Chandler is lead to Dr. Vincent Keller by fingerprints left at a crime scene, Cat’s life is changed forever. She learns secrets about her past, finds out clues about unsolved crimes and comes to terms with the fact that everyone isn’t always what they seem.



Airs: October 10 at 7 PM on The CW

This modern day take on the classic story of Robin Hood has everything a viewer could ask for: action, romance and a nice element of revenge. After being presumed dead for the past five years, billionaire party boy Oliver Queen is back from the deserted island where his ship wrecked. On the island, he changed his views about life and, now back in his hometown of Starling City, he has vowed to right all the injustice occurring throughout the city. While trying to save the people of Starling City, Oliver is also fighting the secrets that his family has kept from him all his life that are now starting to rise to the surface.


Once Upon A Time

Airs: September 30 at 7 PM on ABC

Ending with last season’s dramatic cliffhanger, season two of Once Upon A Time is definitely a fan favorite to watch this fall. Based on many different classic fairy tales (Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Pinocchio, Red Riding Hood, etc), the fantasy show Once Upon A Time scored big ratings last year, being voted TV Guide’s “Favorite New TV Drama” and raking in the most viewers for a non-sports casting on Sunday nights. Once Upon A Time will take place where the final episode of season one left off.


The Vampire Diaries

Airs: October 11 at 7 PM on The CW

This show hardly needs an introduction. Starting on its fourth season, The Vampire Diaries has been a huge hit ever since it first started in 2009. Picking up where the finale of eason 3 left off, Elena is now faced with the difficult choice of either becoming a vampire, a life she never wanted, or death. In addition, it’s her final year of high school, and she must adjust to the inevitable change that’s about to happen — in more ways than just graduation.


Gossip Girl

Airs: October 8 at 8 PM on The CW

After Serena fell off the map of the Upper East Side, so far gone that not even Gossip Girl can find her, her friends know it’s time to figure out to where the blonde bombshell disappeared. In its sixth and final season, Gossip Girl is ready to go out with a bang. Will Nate ever figure out the identity of Gossip Girl? Will Serena be found? And what about the mysterious return of Bart Bass? Will Chuck and Blair finally have a chance at true love or will it end in disaster? That’s one secret I’ll never tell. You know you love me… xoxo…. Gossip Girl.


Boardwalk Empire

Airs: September 16 at 11 PM on HBO

Based on the life story of Enoch L. Johnson and the non-ficiton novel Boardwalk Empire: The Birth, High Times, and Corruption of Atlantic City, Boardwalk Empire has been a smash ever since it hit the screen of HBO back in 2010. With the help of producer Martin Scorsese and director Terence Winter, Boardwalk Empire has received eight Emmy awards and 30 nominations. With Season 2 ending in a murder committed by the main character of the show, Nucky Thompson, it’s guaranteed that Season 3 will be full of more shocking plot twists that we never saw coming.



Airs: September 30 at 8 PM on Showtime

Largely based on Jeff Lindsey’s Darkly Dreaming Dexter series, the TV show Dexter has been very popular ever since its premiere in 2006. Season 7 will pick right up where 6 left off, with the viewer finding out how Deb reacts to Dexter killing Travis. Dexter cracks under the pressure of the secret of killing Travis and takes his anger and guilt out on other people who eventually become his victims. Can Deb save him before it’s too late, or is this the end of Dexter as we know him?


666 Park Avenue

Airs: September 30 at 9 PM on ABC

The Drake, a swanky apartment building in NYC, is a place where all wishes can come true, but the price you pay may just be your soul. Based on the novel with the same name by Gabriella Pierce, 666 Park Avenue is about a young couple that has just moved into The Drake to manage it. They find out that their co-workers and neighbors might be possessed by a demonic force lurking in the building. It’s up to them to find out what is going on at The Drake and stop it before it’s too late.


The Walking Dead

Airs: October 14 at 8 PM on AMC

The Walking Dead, based on the comic series by the same name, is a post-apocalyptic drama involving zombies with a bite that is infectious to humans. The show follows the life of Rick Grimes and his journey throughout the city of Atlanta and his struggles to maintain a human nature and conscience in a world that has lost so much.