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Speaking in front of students, senior Rha’ki Walker talks about the upcoming Black Student Union (BSU) assembly Jan. 19 in Room 130. Walker is one of the co-presidents for the BSU. “[BSU] is the first club I’ve ever run,” Walker said. “It’s really fun to lead because everyone there has a fun and positive attitude.”

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With an eye toward change, BSU members plan the Black History Month Assembly

February 7, 2023

Black Student Union (BSU) members gathered around co-presidents Rah’ki Walker and Comfort Adegoke. The planning process for the Black History Month Assembly had just kicked off.

Questions rang out from the members of the group.

What games should we play?

What students should we feature? Musicians? Poets? Business owners?

What should we have for the spirit days?

How can we get more students involved?

BSU reached out to a variety of students who were eager to participate in what Adegoke called a “sort of a talent show.” They hoped to display and educate the student body about Black Culture.

“We want to find people who like to rap, sing or dance,” Walker said. “If they’re interested in being part of the assembly, we’ll usually ask them to reach out to their friends .”

This year, the assembly will include a segment about Black-student-owned businesses. BSU hopes to create a platform for students to share their experiences, writing, and other talents. In addition, they worked to introduce something new to Black History Month Assembly.

     “The Black History Month assembly is a great way to showcase Black culture and be more inclusive towards members of our school.” – Senior Rah’ki Walker

“This year we’ll be doing a fashion show,” Walker said. “We’ll have people from different backgrounds, such as African American or West African, show off their cultural attire.”

BSU asked administrators to allow students to choose whether to attend the Black History Month Assembly. In the past, a few students have been disrespectful during the assembly.

“We feel like making optional will make it a better environment,” Walker said. “I know  in previous years we got backlash. When people willingly sign up to come, they’re more willing to be more present. It just makes it more fun.”

BSU members hope a large number of students who are willing to come celebrate Black Culture and lend support opt to attend.

“Since our school is predominantly white, we don’t really do anything to represent Black Culture or educate students about it,” Walker said. “ why the Black History Month Assembly is great. It is a way to showcase Black Culture and more inclusive. It’s also such a comforting thing when you’re able to express your culture freely and just be who you are.”

The Black History Month Assembly will take place on February 21 during seminar.

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