Lesson 12 – December 20: Rest and Relaxation

December 23, 2022

Growing up I developed this system: get your work done, then you can go play with friends. As beneficial as it may seem, this system has taken a bit of a negative turn as of late. It has morphed into prioritizing work over self-care, which, admittedly, should never be the case. School, job, managing a social life, all hold more importance than my “self.” This usually leads to burnout, falling behind in school, stress; it’s an awful cycle to be in. 

Thankfully, we are on winter break. This offers us the perfect opportunity to take care of ourselves and get back on our feet. I will caution you, do not demand perfection of yourself during these times. Usually, over breaks, I tell myself I will get this long list of tasks accomplished, I will develop a healthy sleep schedule, and I will become the ideal version of myself. Of course, it never happens. So, this is a reminder to set realistic goals for yourself, especially when it comes to self-care. I wholeheartedly encourage bettering oneself, but it can’t all be done in two weeks. We cannot be operating at full capacity all of the time; do not burn yourself out on self-care. Over break, give yourself the gift of uninhibited kindness and patience. 

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