Lesson 15 – December 17: Value of Eating Alone

December 17, 2022

Meals have always been about connection. I eat with my family. I eat with my friends. I eat with strangers, who I hope will become friends or family. Basically, mealtime holds a great deal of importance to me. 

When my schedule gets busy (and it has been overwhelmingly busy lately), meals take on a different form. They usually involve takeout and eating as I rush around in my car. In this environment, there isn’t much room for connection and, oftentimes, I eat alone. At first, I viewed this negatively. I missed cooking dinners with my mom or laughing with friends at Panera. Though I still greatly miss this, eating alone has morphed into a time of tranquility. Having the opportunity to sit alone, and have a quiet moment of self-reflection is cathartic. 

We live in a time with very few moments of silence. I encourage everyone to try eating alone, to allow themselves these moments of peace. You are given the opportunity to think about yourself, your being. Learning about yourself, knowing yourself is one of the greatest gifts you can give to you.

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