We Heard You

The COVID-19 vaccine is here, and it’s all about choice

Ally Pruente, Online Editor

For Vaccination

“I think that it’s great that we have a vaccine so soon. I don’t know if there will be any hazards, but if it’s FDA-approved, I think that people don’t have a reason to be super nervous about it.” — Hank Kniggendorf, junior

“I’m hoping that we will start to see an impact once all healthcare workers and essential workers get the vaccine, but I think we’ll see a huge impact around July of 2021.” — Kiera McDonald, junior

“I don’t have concerns with the vaccine because I know that scientists have done a lot of research on it to make sure it is safe.” — Rose Cox, freshman

“I believe a vaccine this early in the game is groundbreaking. I am very impressed with the trials outcome, even if it’s only 95% effective.” — Lillian Bowen, senior

“I am very excited about the vaccine… I am not afraid of long term effects as our environmental aspects will kill us quicker than this vaccine.” — Ali Windoffer, senior

“I think that everyone who can and feels comfortable getting the vaccine should get it. I trust in the scientists who tested and created the vaccine and believe it is very safe to use.” — Megan Freeman, junior



“I think it will eliminate COVID-19 but I think it has unknown/underlying side effects.”— Landyn Luttrell, senior

“I think it will be like the flu shot, something we get every year, but might still catch the virus.”— Adrienne Johnson, junior

“I hope the vaccine will help return life to normal in a short time. I am not sure when that will be, though.”— Jackson Reese, senior


Against Vaccination 

“I’ve already seen news reports of people having allergic reactions to (COVID-19). What if the vaccine makes it worse?” — Abbi Hamilton, senior

“If the virus has a 99.99% survival rate, then I don’t need a vaccine.” — Tamara Harris-Webster, junior

“I will not get it because I do not know the side effects three years down the line… vaccines are typically tested for years. This one has barely been tested.” — Audrey Bennett, senior

“I think they have rushed it too much, we still don’t have complete knowledge on this virus.” —Kendall Toomay, senior

“I work in healthcare and I will not be receiving the vaccine. The fact is we are in a pandemic and multiple steps in the vaccination approval process were allowed to be bypassed in order to push it out faster.” —Grace Rippee, senior