STUCO Representatives

kate lawrence, Writer, Online Editor

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In case you missed the announcements last Friday, these are your sophomore, junior, and senior class representatives.
Sophomore Class for next year-
*   Yeretzy Blanco
*   Andrew Braun, Vice President
*   Sophia Brewer
*   Tate Burns
*   Tamara Harris-Webster
*   Eli Laurent
*   Austin Oakerson
*   Michael Owens, President
*   Natalie Peterson
*   Xavier Reyes

Junior Class for next year-
*   Erin Albers
*   Evan Battles
*   Cullan Bower
*   Kenet Del Cid
*   Rory Dungan
*   Garrett Goetz, Vice President
*   Jett Johnson
*   Brady King
*   Elizabeth Kuffour
*   Callan Taylor, President

Senior Class for next year-
*   Rylee Garrett
*   Gracie Goodpaster, President
*   Natalie Hole
*   Shayan Karimy, Vice President
*   Eliza Kidder
*   Michael Lammers
*   Ries Laster
*   Merceline Mogondo
*   Juan Francisco Pineda Gomez
*   Payton Rowland

Exec Board
*   Eugene Johnson, President
*   Alyssa Murray, Vice President
*   Kelsey Volk, Secretary
*   Spencer Shreve, Treasurer
*   Catie Wood, Parliamentarian
*   Tavin Mesh, Publicist