W3 Schools

It’s like a dictionary for HTML and CSS. This is what a college professor would have to say about varios web elements.

CSS Tricks

Great resource for CSS approaches and tutorials. Want to learn something new and modern? Check it out here.


For customizing your typefaces in a story. You can build a “kit” of different typefaces.

Create New Post

How to create a new post (article) on WordPress.

Save a Photo for the Web

How to compress a photo so that it loads more quickly and doesn’t slow down our site. We recommend a JPEG quality of 40 for most images. The goal is to keep every image under 100kb.

Add Image to Post

How to upload a new photo on WordPress.

Visual Composer

How we lay out complex page designs on



Add Depth and Texture in Illustrator

Convert a drawing into vector artwork

Create a repeating pattern in Illustrator

Create a Cool Vector Yeti Character in Illustrator

How to create a vintage type postcard

Color Replacement Tool

Get the toy camera look

Create a fashionable cross-processing effect

Create a Wrath of the Titans text effect

Blend a fashion image with Photoshop custom shapes

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