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Anything by The Princeton Review: The books and have everything you need to know about college, or the road to it. Subjects include: cracking any test, from the ACT to the SAT to any AP exams; finding the right college for any student; The Best 373 Colleges, which includes information on academics, life, the student body, advice from the admissions office, financial aid help and an inside word for all 373 colleges listed.
Collegeboard: Recommended by both students and counselors, this search engine allows you to type in any characteristics you want in a college, and then gives a list for you to look at to start narrowing down your options. The site also has a scholarship search and tips for financial aid.
The websites of potential colleges. Once you have a smaller list of colleges to look at, make sure to check their website frequently for any important upcoming deadlines for application, enrollment, etc. For example, KU’s website already tells you to apply by Nov. 1 for early scholarship notification, by Dec. 1 for scholarships and by April 1 for admission. If you wait too long to apply, it cuts down on the chance that you are admitted/number of scholarships available.
The counselors: Northwest’s faculty has five academic counselors who are available for any questions or concerns you have about the entire process. Their website, includes links to other sources of information for scholarships, writing a good essay, career planning, etc.
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College Resources