Introduction to Bullying

The bell rings its shrill alarm exactly on cue. It’s recess time. All my classmates are ecstatic, running outside to play, their shoes squeaking on the speckled, cracked floors. They yell in joy and simultaneously fight over the recess equipment that the ball bucket carriers struggle to protect until they can set it down. …

Where It Begins

Deep breath. Look down. Don’t look anyone in the eye. Just blend in and you’ll be okay. If you mess up, it could cost you everything you’re worth. Don’t let them see you break. Keep on shuffling down the hallway.  Maybe sing a song in your head to try and make it better. The hallway is a battlefield that is difficult to survive.  I finally make it to your locker. …

Teachers’ Views on Bullying

Bullying happens around us, whether we see it or not.  In the school setting, the people with the most power to stop bullying are teachers. But what do they do about bullying? …

Magwire’s Experience of Bullying

He walks through our halls everyday. He is the man who yells at students for holding hands and expressing other forms of PDA at school. Drew Magwire is the Sociology teacher.

My Own Experience Over Bullying

The rope, which was supposed to be in my garage, was gone when I got home.  I began tearing my room apart, trying to find the rope, but still no luck. While I was trying to remember where I put it, I began to panic, not really able to breathe. So many thoughts ran through my mind. “What would this person think about me?” “How else can I possibly get rid of myself.”

ELL Students Learning to Adjust

Freshman Eman Mohamed came from Sudan this February.  Her family was refugees because of the civil war occurring in the Darfur region of Sudan which first began in 2003.  Her family went to the UN in Jordan to seek refuge.  It took nine years of waiting to get the papers necessary to come to the United States.  She is currently enrolled in the ELL program at Northwest.


Thirteen-year-old Megan Meier received a MySpace message from a Josh Evans, asking her to add him as a friend. Meier got permission from her mother since she did not know him, and soon began chatting with him about everything. After a few months, Evans started saying rude things to her, making things worse for a girl who was already suffering from depression and ADD. Little did she know Josh Evans never existed.

News Hook

She walks down the hallway mostly keeping to herself. She used to like school and enjoyed talking to friends. She’s an ambitious teenager. Her dark blonde hair and simple clothes seem to have individuality embedded in the fabric. She is not afraid to be herself.

The Final Words on Bullying

Continue reading if you have ever been made fun of.  Continue reading if you have ever been called a name. Continue reading if anyone has ever hurt your feelings, whether you admit it or not.  I bet all will read this next sentence because bullying comes in many different shapes and forms, and no one escapes it completely.

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