First Same Sex Marriage on Disney Channel

On the night of the Grammy’s controversial marriage of more than 30 couples, Disney Channel’s Good Luck Charlie featured its first-ever same-sex couple.
The show featured two moms, Susan (Desi Lydic) and Cheryl (Lilli Birdsell). To make the matter a little more light-hearted, the family became confused when Charlie’s mother (Amy) met one mother, and Charlie’s father (Bob) met the other, causing them to argue over who the mother of Charlie’s playdate really was. When Bob realized Taylor had two mothers, he declared, “Taylor has two moms!”
“This is a great and subtle way to showcase what Disney believes in,” junior Gabby Lorino said. “I think it’s a small step, but a big one.”
According to, former Disney stars like Miley Cyrus praised the decision in her tweet, claiming “THIS IS INSPIRING!”. However, the conservative organization One Million Moms issued a press release claiming that “Disney should stick to entertaining, not pushing an agenda.”